Software Developer Boot Camp


ASP.Net C# / SQL Server Developer for a high profile Company.

Duration: 3+ Months contract

Location: Billerica, MA

Pay Rate: Open

Start Date: ASAP

Please send me a WORD Copy of your resume if you or someone you know may be interested

Job Description:

  1. Minimum of 4 solid years of experience in ASP.NET C# with a focus on .NET 2.0 and 3.5as well as established track record in developing applications with SQL Server.

  2. Motivated to produce a quality product by implementing appropriate coding, style, and testing standards.

  3. Detail-oriented with demonstrated problem solving and troubleshooting skills.

  4. Capable of meeting budget and schedule commitments with a results-based attitude.

  5. Strong verbal and written communication skills

  6. Ability to facilitate customer demonstrations of developed software tools and to promote enhancements to existing applications that provide an improved user experience.

  7. 4 years experience in a software development environment with strong understanding of the software development life cycle.

  8. Minimum of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science or related field

Desired Skills:

  1. Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)

  2. Experience with developing Web reporting solutions by creating hooks into Media Player a definite plus.

  3. Experience with interfacing Web applications with mainframe databases and processes a definite plus.

  4. SQL Reporting Services

  5. Experience with DHTML and AJAX

  6. Sharepoint Development; experience developing Web parts, etc.

  7. Experience with Microsoft Team Foundation Server for source control

  8. Experience with SQL Server and IIS Server administration<


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This is Maria Sundara. I have reviewed the requirement that you are posted and I feel that i have the skills that you are looking for.
please go through my resume which is pasted below and if you feel that my resume fit to your requirement please call me on 617-771-3541

Phone: 617-771-3541
 Around 7 Years of experience.
 5 Years of experience in ASP.Net, C#.Net, VB.Net, Sharepoint, Remoting, XMLWebServices, Win Forms, Ajax and SqlServer.
 Experience in Fx-Cop and N-Cover tools to make the code analysis, code coverage as per the coding standards.
 Prior Experience in classical ASP, VisualBasic,JavaScript, HTML/DHTML,COM+,DCOM, DOM,XML, XSL,IIS,ADO,DAO,SqlServer 7.0/2000/2005,Oracle 8.x/9.0,SQL,TSQL, PL/SQL, Stored procedures ,Triggers, and OOAD.
 Experience in Design Patterns to implement the reusable solutions.
 Strong Development Experience in Client-Server environment.
 Strong Knowledge in Silverlight & SharePoint.
 Exposure to Complete SDLC from gathering System Requirements through deploying system into Production. Used various development methodologies Like Agile Methodology
 Good exposure to developing user controls.
 Extensively worked in writing stored procedures, database triggers, exception handlers using SQL Loader, Toad.
 Excellent skills in developing code for the database applications to interact with the databases, using ADO.NET, Enterprise Library 2.0.
 Good experience in writing technical documents.
 Good experience in writing unit test cases by using N-Unit and Type Mock.
 Exposure to version tools like Perforce and Visual Source Safe.
 Very good learning curve. In almost all projects 40% of the application development was done using new tools and APIs.
 Proven communication, presentation Skills and Leadership Qualities.
 Strong application knowledge, inter personal skills, good verbal and written communication skills.
Technical Skills
Framework .Net Framework 3.5,JQuery
.NET Technologies ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, ADO.NET,WCF,Sharepoint,Silverlight
Web Development ASP, XML, HTML, XHTML, DHTML, CSS, XSLT, VB Script, JavaScript.
Development Tools Visual Studio. Net, Visual Interdev 6.0, Dream Weaver MX, Flash5.0.
Languages C#, VB.NET, VB 6.0, PL SQL, T SQL, UML
Databases & Tools SQL Server 2000/2005, Oracle 8.x, 9.0, MS Access, Toad, Sql Loader.
Middleware ADO.NET, ADO
Version control Tools Perforce, Visual Source Safe, Rational Clear Case
Operating Systems MS-DOS, Windows NT 4.0/2000/2003 Server, Professional/ XP,
Professional Experience:
Sapient, Boston, MA Feb’08-Tilldate
Title: Sr. Programmer Analyst
Sporting Bet:
The Sporting Bet is online betting website, spanning across 30 different markets Europe, Australia, Canada and South America. The aim of this product is providing customers with highly quality gaming and gambling services in an environment that is convenient, entertaining, air, regulated and service. The website displays information about ongoing sports and games with betting rates. The user can register with the site and can place the bet on sports. The system is highly sophisticated and serves the users with good performance.
Roles & Responsibilities:
 Interaction with end users for requirement gathering, analyzing and documenting requirements.
 Design the Mobile preferences and Validation modules for the project.
 Involved in writing Technical and Functional Specifications from requirements.
 Drawn sequential diagrams for Netteller Payment provider.
 Develop the validation layer by using strategy design pattern for the project.
 Implement the luhn- check validation on both client and server side.
 Implement the Ajax service layer for web service calls.
 Develop the code for Net teller payment provider in the transaction phase.
 Develop the code for mobile preferences in registration process.
 Implement the payment instrument module which stores the history of last transactions of payment providers.
 Written the custom Fx-Cop rules for the code analysis as per coding standards.
 Utilized the N-Cover for the code coverage in testing.
 Develop N-Unit Test Cases by using N-Unit Framework.
 Written the stored procedures for Mobile Preferences module.
 Performed Team management and code reviews for the project.
 Maintenance of IIS and code building by using cruise control.
Environment: C#.Net, ASP.Net, Ajax, JavaScript,Sharepoint,SqlServer 2005, IIS 6.0, XML, Web Services, Perforce, MS Visio.
Dendrite, Bedminster, New Jersey Mar’06-Jan’08
Title: Sr Programmer Analyst
Mobile Intelligence (Sequoia):
Sequoia is the Cornerstone of a Customer Relation Management (CRM) System designed to support customer goods services and Pharmaceutical Field forces. Sequoia helps to develop and handle the territory to maximum Effectiveness by targeting the right customer with the right message and Frequency. It will also help the customer to find out anomaly in the product by comparing with competitor product.
Force Mobile has been designed to combine the convenience of Handheld PC (PDA) with powerful tools for managing territory. Using Force Mobile, one can record calls, modify profile information, and record out of territory activity.
Roles & Responsibilities:
 Understanding the client requirements and estimate the duration for Look and Feel module.
 Implemented the code for business change for each customer as per requirements.
 Creating the typed datasets for entities which carries the data from one layer to another layer.
 Retrieving the configurable data from xml files and displaying in front end GUI.
 Writing Sal queries to perform schedules in the meeting module.
 Deploying solutions to the PDA which are carried by reps.
 Performed code building by using Cruise Control.
 Developed control layer and handling delegates and events of controls.
 Implementing the targeting module by C# code which targets the right customer in particular territory to sell out products.
 Written the test cases and performed unit testing.
 Implemented validation for targeting module by using validation controls.
 Implemented data caching for the customer related data in business logic layer.
 Implemented add rotator control to display the advertisements in meeting module.
Environment: C#.Net, ASP.Net, WCF, Oracle 9.0, JavaScript, Windows Xp, IIS 6.0, Toad-Unit, Perforce, MS-Visio.
Xansa, UK May’05-Feb’06
Title: Sr Developer
Asset Inventory:
Assets Inventory is the Intranet application and is used to store the information about assets which are used in Yorkshire Water Services. The System helps the user to add the new assets and delete the existing assets. It also helps the users to find where the assets are located. Here Assets are anything that is used to produce the clean water for the Yorkshire People. The System also used to create groups and users as having specific privileges to access system.
Yorkshire Water is the good and leading water service Corporation in UK and supply the water for the people in UK.
Roles & Responsibilities:
 Interaction with end users for requirement gathering, analyzing and documenting requirements.
 Develop the test driven the environment to meet the client requirement fully.
 By using Visio drawn use case diagrams for the search module.
 Developed the custom framework by using C# code to achieve custom properties and for reusability.
 Developed the custom search control which is used to search the asset in particular territory.
 Developed the user controls which used to display the attributes of assets.
 Implemented the factory design pattern for creating the objects in the code implantation.
 Handles the database design for release 2.0 and written the stored procedures to implement the business logic centrally.
 Implemented the data caching for repetitive assets in particular territory.
 Implement the custom validation for the search page.
 Developed the data access layer by using ADO.Net.
 Written the N-Unit Test Cases and implemented Fx-Cop rules for code analysis.
 Performed code reviews.
Environment: C#.Net, Winforms, SqlServer 2000, Sql Developer, Visio, N-Unit.
Extranet Software, Bangalore, India Mar’04 – Apr’05
Title: Sr. Developer
RMS (Rights Management System):
RMS (Rights Management System) is utilized by the Business Affairs Department in Los Angeles for original production talent and title Contract Management. Involved in conversation of the current VB application to C#.NET RMS is an interactive, intranet application for the employees of MTV network, New York, a global player in media and entertainment sector. System helps the users to create and retrieve every information related to a production, like a movie or a series. The application enables users to centralize their information resources in a single point-and-click environment - the browser - which is available on a variety of client platforms. Content can be easily accessed by browsers on any platform, in any location and on an as-requested basis, over a private network.
Roles & Responsibilities:
 Interaction with end users for requirement gathering, analyzing and documenting requirements.
 Used infragistics third party control for Web Grid, Tree Control, and Date Control etc.
 Authenticated user allows performing variety of operation such as addition / modification / view / access, based on the security policy assigned to a user within the application. Two important elements of network security are authentication (confirming the identity of a user or machine) and authorization (determining the level of access to be granted in C#.Net.
 Involved in Artist, Company, Tracking and Shoot Details Modules.
 Artist(s) are the people, who are involved in the production(s).
 Company(s) is the organization, which is involved in the production(s).
 Tracking will keep track of the Production details.
 Shoot Details will give info regarding details of the production shooting.
 The Authorization Manager can be used to set or change permissions and configurations at a high level in RMS Applications.
 Used .Net Remoting for approach to inter process communication that separates the remotable object from a specific client or server application domain.
 Designing the .NET based application framework and DAL (Data Access Layer) using which the entire application was later developed as an extensible system where the end users can define, create and control the subsequent variants of the main system.
 Creation and implementation of stored procedures, triggers, views and queries
 Developed all the reports for the system using Active Reports and SQL Server Reports.
Environment: VB.Net, ASP.Net, Visual Basic 6.0, Oracle 9i,SQL Server 2000, IIS 5.0/6.0, Source Safe, MS Project, Rational RUP, Use Case Diagrams,.Net Remoting and SQL Server Reporting.
ExtranetSoftware, Bangalore, India Mar’03-Feb’04
Title: Jr Developer
Ontrack Call Monitoring System:
OCMS is an intranet application of ESOLVERSYSTEMS, is an IT solution provider for dynamic environment where business and technology strategies converge. This project helps the managers, experts and helpdesk agents retrieve all the problems related to products, and give the solutions to problems. And also provides information regarding products to users
System generally handles the info of employee’s, products solutions to the problems and program details. The main object behind this project is customer satisfaction and it will improve the busyness to the organizations immediate solutions are provided to the customer problems and the latest status of problems is reported. This project also provides great security by using login and password authentication. Crystal reports are generated to provide current information regarding to the solutions provided by experts. Software stores the information about the products like types of products, product cost, employee details and related details.
Roles & Responsibilities:
 Understanding the Client Requirements and involved in writing technical specifications.
 Developed Helpdesk module by using Classic ASP technology.
 Performed unit testing.
 Written java script functions for client side validations.
 Performed version control by using Perforce.
 Using HTML, CSS and XSLT for styling the web pages.
 Used Normalization techniques for designing database applications using SQL Server7.0
 Written the stored procedures and sql queries.
Extranet Software, Bangalore, India Mar’02-Feb’03
Title: Jr Developer
Viacom is a leading global media company. Viacom’s Vision System is a web-based solution for sharing of ideas and information among its users.
Authentication Module implements AutheniX by Flix Software to check user credentials. User Maintenance Module helps Admin, who is the super user of the system, to create and manage the groups, users and their roles. File Upload Module helps the user to upload media files to the web server. ABC Upload component is used to facilitate the large file uploads.
Personal File Manager Module manages the files uploaded by the users. Files can be viewed, downloaded, sorted on various criteria are sent to other users for verification. Inbox module works like an inbox of a mailing system. Logging Module records the activities of the users like uploads, deletions, approvals etc. Finally, Site Maintenance Module runs the specific scripts at regular intervals through schedulers, to do the maintenance activities like removing the expired files, deleting the logs etc.
Roles & Responsibilities:
 Implemented code for User module by using ASP in Interdev.
 Written the stored procedures and sql queries.
 Implemented configurable files in XML files.
 Styled the WebPages by using CSS and XSLT.
 Written the test cases and done performance tuning for the project.
 Written JavaScript functions for Validation
Environment: ASP, XML, HTML, XHTML, DHTML, CSS, XSLT, Sybase.
 Bachelor of Engineering (BE), Madras University, India.
 Diploma from SBTET, India.

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