How To Become A Computer Programmer, A Step By Step Guide

There are lots of high-paying careers in the Information Technology (IT) Industry, including jobs that can pay up-to six figures ($100k+) for highly skilled & experienced professioanls! This Free Step By Step Guide on “How to Become A Computer Programmer” is designed for anyone who wants to go from complete beginner or entry-level to advanced […]

Which One Is Better, C# Or VB.NET?

I have good knowledge of VB 6.0 and SQL Server. Kindly let me know whether learning of will be enough for me to grow in IT field. Also, currently I am not working IT so kindly let me know how can change to my favourite field. Thanking you in advance. Also, which let me […]

Which Is Better WPF Desktop Or ASP.NET Web Development?

Which Is Better WPF Desktop Or ASP.NET Web Development?

Hello, I have a goal of completing my practical preparation in three months and specializing in web and desktop software graphical user interface programming using ASP.NET Visual C# 2010, and WPF using VC# 2010. I already have the following Microsoft courses available to me: Collection 6460: Visual Studio 2008: Windows Presentation Foundation Collection 6463: Visual […]

How To Re-Train or Upgrade Legacy Programming Skills

The challenge facing software developers with legacy programming skills is that that of spending the time or money it takes to learn a modern, object oriented programming language or that of marketing their existing legacy programming skills to a niche market! In this issue, we will address the challenge facing a legacy Visual Basic programmer […]

Career Prospects Or Advancement Opportunities for Computer Programmers

Computer Programming is one of the most portable careers … as in you can work with the same skill sets in the USA, Canada, Britain or India. Also, the industry is not big on degrees or titles … the programming industry however is crazy about your raw talent based on experience and ability to demonstrate […]

Why The C/C++ Computer Programmer Career Is Over?

We don’t recommend C/C++ computer programmer careers for the following reasons: Learning Curve – it has a steeper learning curve than other popular, commercial programming languages like Java, C#, Visual Basic .NET or PHP Time to Market – It is not suitable for business application development because it takes more time to build a web […]

Legacy Mainframe Computer Programmers Transitioning To Microsoft .NET Careers

This question was posted by a legacy (mainframe) computer programmer who needs advice on “becoming a Microsoft .NET software developer”. If you have questions about your software developer career, be sure to post it as a comment on this page and it will be answered. Here is the Legacy Mainframe Computer Programmer’s Question: I’m having […]

Computer Science College Student Wants To Become A Highly Paid Software Developer

This question was sent in by a college student who wants to get a highly-paid computer programmer job while still at college. If you have questions about your software developer career, be sure to post it as a comment on this page and it will be answered. Here is the Computer Science Student’s Question: Hello, […]

What Software Developer Languages Should I Learn?

What Software Developer Languages Should I Learn? VB.NET or C#, SQL and ASP.NET. You should choose based on which is more comfortable as far as VB.NET or C#. The capabilities and job opportunities between VB.NET and C# are about the same. There is still a slight stigma attached to VB.NET from years ago that makes […]

ASP.Net C# / SQL Server Developer Job In Billerica, Massachusetts (MA)

ASP.Net C# / SQL Server Developer for a high profile Company. Duration: 3+ Months contract Location: Billerica, MA Pay Rate: Open Start Date: ASAP Please send me a WORD Copy of your resume if you or someone you know may be interested Job Description: Minimum of 4 solid years of experience in ASP.NET C# with […]


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