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Career Change from Sharepoint Designer to .NET Developer

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Here Is A Software Developer\'s Coaching Question

I am a Software Developer with 1.4 year of experience in C#, SQL Server 2005 and basic knowledge of Asp.Net.
My current company choose me for SharePoint Training. Currently i am working on SharePoint (WSS 3.0) no programming only using SharePoint designer 2007, creating TeamSites, Blogs, document library\'s picture gallery, giving different access permissions to responsible persions etc.
They have UK and HK Servers updating contents and uploading documents but I am very worried about my career.
Am i going in right way? Should i join an institute for SharePoint Development Training or should i go back to my .net technology.
Please help me out from this confusion. What to do and how to do it?
It seems like my career has gone from "Software Developer to SharePoint Support".
Thanks in advance.

  • With C# + ASP.NET + SQL Server Skills, you are on track to be a SharePoint Developer or a .NET Developer.

    SharePoint Developers are in demand and sometimes they are even paid more than .NET Developers though .NET Developer Skills are actually more in-demand than SharePoint skills.

  • Learn everything that you can about SharePoint Design and after six months, if you are still not working as a SharePoint / .NET Developer, ask your manager more coding work.

    If your manager does not have more coding work or does not intend to allow you to code, make a decision to either stay with the company and limit your role to that of SharePoint Designer or apply to another job where you will get more .NET Development / SharePoint Development work!

  • Use the next six months to study and master ASP.NET development because you will need it, when you decide to leave your current place of employment down the road or when you manager starts sending more .NET Development work your way.

    My recommendation is that you should consider asking your manager for more SharePoint Development / .NET Development work, once you finish studying ASP.NET Development.