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The Career Outlook for Mainframe Programmers

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Our Software Developers Career Coaching answers challenging questions posted by computer programmers about their careers. Click here to ask your own question.

Here Is A Software Developer\'s Coaching Question

I\'m a mainframe application programmer having 7 years of experience.
I love to continue in technical career path. I have following queries, could you please help me to make a decision?
Going forward, I fear continuing only in mainframe could be a challenge for me to succeed in software industry?
What other technologies should I pick up to succeed in software industry?
Which technology go good with mainframe - Java/.NET/JEEE/HTML which one of these?
If I learn other technologies like Java/.NET then I would be a beginner in those technologies and would it really help me?
Instead what if I learn more deeper technologies within mainframe like MQ, Advanced CICS etc? Please advise.


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