How To Become A Computer Programmer, A Step By Step Guide

There are lots of high-paying careers in the Information Technology (IT) Industry, including jobs that can pay up-to six figures ($100k+) for highly skilled & experienced professioanls! This Free Step By Step Guide on “How to Become A Computer Programmer” is designed for anyone who wants to go from complete beginner or entry-level to advanced […]

Recommending .NET Programming Books for Beginners to Experts

Question Hi, I really love what you are doing with your coaching site as you have greatly inspired me so far. I hope to become a student of yours soon. But please, I would really appreciate if you can recommend some programming books to read on .net programming? I mean books that will take one […]

Career Change from Sharepoint Designer to .NET Developer

Career Change from Sharepoint Designer to .NET Developer

Our Software Developers Career Coaching answers challenging questions posted by computer programmers about their careers. Click here to ask your own question. Here Is A Software Developer’s Coaching Question Hi, I am a Software Developer with 1.4 year of experience in C#, SQL Server 2005 and basic knowledge of Asp.Net. My current company choose me […]

How To Write C#, ASP.NET Code Faster?

I just joined a new company as a senior software engineer in ASP.NET. My background was windows programming in visual studio and sql server. Now I am working on web technologies with new language c#, java scripting. As my current job require high skills, i am not able to deliver results quickly and always try […]

Career Prospects Or Advancement Opportunities for Computer Programmers

Computer Programming is one of the most portable careers … as in you can work with the same skill sets in the USA, Canada, Britain or India. Also, the industry is not big on degrees or titles … the programming industry however is crazy about your raw talent based on experience and ability to demonstrate […]