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How To Become A Mobile Application Developer

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I\'m 28 and on track to be a PM at an IT company (geospatial, network security, mobile apps, and more).
I have no formal training in the field of computer science, but really would like to transition from the business side to the technical side, specifically mobile apps development.
Since I have no official technical training, where do I start?
I\'m not sure where I can begin to get a career in mobile app development.
Any advice would help!!


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1. The Information Technology / Software Development Industry is not big on formal technical training. Instead, the industry emphasizes handson skills, performance, experience, knowledge and initiative.
This is because the pace of change in the industry forces incompetent people who can\'t innovate out of the industry. At the end of the day, only the truly passionate, talented, hard-working folks will have a job.
So, you the best thing about your career right now is your initiative and hard work and not your formal education.
2. Decide which Mobile Phone Platform you are interested in learning. The big choices are the iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile.
Realize that it is impossible to learn all the mobile phone platforms at once.
The reality is that it will take a couple of years for you to become truly proficient in a specific mobile phone, so take your time with choosing which one.
3. When evaluating the iPhone Market, take a look at how much time it will take you to learn the platform because some platforms take more time to learn than others.
Evaluate the size of your Mobile Phone market. Each mobile phone market has a different market size and the demand for your skills is ultimately affected by the demand for the mobile phone device you are investing your skills in.
4. Learn everything that you can about the Mobile Phone platform you choose. read blogs, books, articles, take formal and informal training and don\'t hesitate to invest in your future.
As long as you are not spending your money in a skill that you are interested in, you will reap the rewards because this is a knowledge economy and the best pay tends to go to the most informed workers.
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