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How To Get Back into a Software Developer / Programming Career?
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What is a good way to get back into I/T ?
I had 9 years with IBM ( 9 years ago ) mostly as a programmer, but my Internet related skills are lacking.
However, some of my old skills are relevant, and I have learned Ruby ( not Rails as yet ).
My resume has been updated to the latest format, but needs some work.
I was just dropped from 2 interview processes this Feb. 2012.
With one company, I made it to their 2nd testing phase, but did not do well enough to get an interview.
With the second job (entry level) involving Ruby, my sample work was well received, but my grasp of OO concepts did not stand up to questioning.
I was not prepared as I thought my submitted work spoke for itself.
I don\'t have actual work experience as an OO programmer, but again this was an entry level position.
I just started looking at help desk jobs, but most of those are level 2 & 3. Not too much level 1.
In January I was rejected by one entry level employer whose agent told me they wanted somebody younger.
I have a chance to take some training courses, but I can\'t decide which would be best: Cloud Admin, Drupal Admin, Droid Programming, IPad/IPhone programming, Java, or .NET
I also have project management, and techical writing experience.


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