How To Pursue a Career in .NET Programming Without Experience

How To Become A Computer Programmer
How To Become A Computer Programmer


Hi there, my name is Uma Jala.

I have done my graduate Diploma in Business Computing from Victoria University in Melbourne.

I am very much interested in programming in IT and am keen on learning .Net programming language so I can pursue a career as a .Net Developer.

I dont have any experience in IT however i am keen in learning and im sure that i will be able to successfully to complete my work if given a chance.

I have taken some coaching in C++ about 7 years ago but it has a been a while since i finished it so i am interested in learning .Net right from the scratch.

Please advise what is required for me so i can successfully pursue a career in IT Programming in Syndey moreso that i dont have any experience in this field, Please advise

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