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Is Bachelors or Masters Degree Better for Web Design or Web Developer Career?

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Here Is A Software Developer\'s Coaching Question

I have an Associates Degree in Business and a Bachelor\'s in Fine Arts and Digital Design / Visual Communication.
I am looking to persue my career in web design and development.
Was wondering what would suit better for me to get a 2nd Bachelor\'s in Information Technology or a Master\'s Degree?


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A Master\'s Degree or a Second Bachelor\'s Degree is not important in a web programmer\'s or web designers career and you are backing up the wrong tree with that line of thinking!

  1. How Relevant Is A College Degree To A Programmers Life?

    you have a college degree in any discipline (Psychology, Music, Computer Science, Arts, Writing, English, Business Administration, etc ... you are good for a web developer or web designer career.

    Adding additional college degrees or a Master\'s degree will not make you a better, more qualified computer programmer!

  2. Web Programming Or Web Design Is Not Learned In College!

    The actual art and science of web programming is not taught in college. what you will most likely learn in college is computer science which is a bit too theoretical or an out-dated programming language!

    Computer Programming evolves so quickly that college courses cannot keep up with the pace of change.

    The actual experience of designing or developing websites is a handson exercise and that is why ten (1) years old kids are designing websites that forty year old adults think that they have to spend 2 to 4 years studying in college!

    Here is another example. One of the most popular software packages used in designing websites (Photoshop) by Web Designers is a program that may cost up to $1000. Once you own it, you cab start designing your own websites without even having a college degree!

  3. Web Developers or Web Designers Without College Degrees Are Hired

    The Web Design or Web Development Industry is a handson industry. It is so much handson that high school graduates without any college degree are building businesses or getting web design jobs solely based on their portfolio ... a list of websites that they have developed!

    The reason why you don\'t have a web Design / Web Developer Career is that you haven\'t taken the time to identify the actual practical skills that you need to learn to become a web designer or web developer and you have not taken the time to design real-world websites with those skills either!

Stop wasting your time your money looking for more college accreditation ... that is so \"OLD SCHOOL\"! First identify the practical skills that make you a web designer, second learn those skills, third, build websites with those skills ... that is what makes you a web designer / web developer!