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Is It Too Late To Become A Computer Programmer?
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Is it too late to have a career as a Programming or Software Development Trainer at age 37?
I am an IT Trainer specializing on Microsoft Products (Systems, Admin, Network Infra and etc.).
I would like to move to training on Software Developement subjects but not sure if it would be a right move at this age.
There are too many competiton in my current field and that is the main reason for me to want to move and not out of passion or anything like that. Purely survival.
Software Development is huge and I am not sure where to start from.
To be a valuable trainer, one should know the ins and out of a subject. That might take a lot of time and resources. Should I start with Java or Python or C# or .Net or VB.Net etc?
Or should I join a software house first. My education level is only high school with some Product certification, but I have been in this training field for more than 10 years. With the ever changing of technology,
I am kinda lost. Please Help.


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