Looking For An Entry Level IT Job? Don’t Work At Best Buy!

How To Become A Computer Programmer
How To Become A Computer Programmer



I’m currently a 19 year old male living in Detroit.

I’m currently in school at Wayne State University to get my B.S. in Computer Science.

I’ve read that this degree is a good fit for anyone trying to be a programmer or someone trying to work in the Information Technology industry, and I’m more interested in working in IT.

I’ve repaired computers for several years, starting around when I was 7 with learning it and then seriously repairing computers around the age of 13.

I’ve replaced and upgraded hardware, tinkered with various virtual machines, and performed troubleshooting mainly on Windows machines (as early as 3.1 and as current as Windows 7).

I’ve been unsuccessful at getting a job outside of my university however; I do have a position at one of the IT help desks on campus, but I really wanted to work somewhere like Best Buy or Micro Center.

Even with the assistance I’ve had with my resume and the fact that I do have a prior work history, none of those places will call me back.

I’m quite frustrated as a result; I’ve been trying since I was 16 with barely any luck.

I’m in the process of studying for the A+ exam; should I continue on with that?

What else should I do to accelerate my hunt for relevant experience (and a little extra income) before I graduate? Any advice for after I graduate?

I’m trying to find opportunity in my home area of Detroit or my home state of Michigan.

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