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Hi, I am a BE in Computers and currently working with an IT firm. \n\nFor last 7 months as a Trainee I was trained on VB .Net platform, and now I have been shifted to some other project which is based on MFC(VC++) that too on v2003. \n\nThe problem is I prefer .Net programming very interesting rather than C/C++. I wanted some suggestion whether i should go for the VC++ that I hate or should I go with .Net, which platform has a better scope.\n\nApart from that I am also planning to go for MBA in systems, is there a better future in it?
When will the next session start.
Tamara:\n\nYou can enroll for training now. \n\nYou can enroll for training now because the training is provided online through videos, a web based training software and a live course instructor who grades your assignments. That part of the course is readily available. \n\nWould you like to get started on the \"Software Developer Boot Camp\" now?\n\nThank you