Recommending .NET Programming Books for Beginners to Experts

Question Hi, I really love what you are doing with your coaching site as you have greatly inspired me so far. I hope to become a student of yours soon. But please, I would really appreciate if you can recommend some programming books to read on .net programming? I mean books that will take one […]

The Career Path for a HTML Web Designer

Our Software Developers Career Coaching answers challenging questions posted by computer programmers about their careers. Click here to ask your own question … Here Is A Software Developer’s Coaching Question I am currently a tradesman carpenter and I wish to eventually leave that work as it is destroying my back and the lack of stable […]

Which Is Better WPF Desktop Or ASP.NET Web Development?

Which Is Better WPF Desktop Or ASP.NET Web Development?

Hello, I have a goal of completing my practical preparation in three months and specializing in web and desktop software graphical user interface programming using ASP.NET Visual C# 2010, and WPF using VC# 2010. I already have the following Microsoft courses available to me: Collection 6460: Visual Studio 2008: Windows Presentation Foundation Collection 6463: Visual […]