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Here Is A Software Developer\'s Coaching Question

I am currently a tradesman carpenter and I wish to eventually leave that work as it is destroying my back and the lack of stable work in the industry makes it very hard to build a good bank.
I am 22 so i am young enough to swap careers, and one career in particular that interests me is computer programing.
Over the last 2 days i have been able to learn html coding and build a website with only using that coding.
I have also re booted some old computers and have messed around with fixing them to proper working order.
My main question is what now? I will be continually working with html to train my skills and expand my knowledge with it, though i also know that their are many different \'languages\' which i need to learn before i am experienced enough to get a job in the industry.
Thank you for taking the time to help me.

Success Principle: Practice A Skill As Soon As You Learn It!

  • The first thing that you do after learning a skill is to put that skill to work.

    Start by applying to small web design projects and then as you get more skilled, experienced and knowledgable, you can graduate to coding HTML for larger projects.

    While there are more programming languages that you can learn (WordPress, PHP, CSS, ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, Sql Server, MySql), it is actually better to put your skills to work than to put them off until you learn every possible programming language!

    Did you realize that you can spend the next two (2) years learning all the programming languages before you start applying for software development jobs.

    Even if you follow that path, you will soon come to realize that after two years spent learning one programming language after another, you have begun to forget some of the initial programming languages that you learned because you are not putting them to work.

    Whenever you apply for a job, you always be asked to provide practical proof or samples of your learning. So, it is better for you to start solving the problem of lack of experience rather than wait until you have finished learning all the possible programming languages because that will take too much time!

    There are actually full-time HTML jobs available now though they may not be as easy to find as say: full-time ASP.NET developer jobs.

    There are also freelance / part-time HTML jobs available now. So, you can actually start earning money from the skills you\'ve learned as a HTML Developer by working on Freelance HTML Jobs and then building your portfolio.

    Becoming a freelance HTML developer first before you become a full-time computer programmer will help you by monetizing the skills that you already have so that you are not hurting yourself by doing the wrong kind of jobs.

    And it gives you the advantage of getting you5r feet in through the door which is a wise thing to do now considering that there are so many computer programmer jobs available, right now in the economy!


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