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What do i learn to become a windows programmer?

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Currently I\'m learning java . So my aim is to become a Software programmer.
I like to develop softwares. So if i have to become computer programmer , i heard that we have to learn C# .
So my question is if I\'ve to learn C# , then what are the other things i have to learn, like oracle or sql etc .
Thank You


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  1. What Is The Market Demand For Your Windows / Desktop Software Developer Skills?

    You do not want to become a Windows Developer because there is relatively small demand from employers for Windows / Desktop Computer Programmer Skills!

    Instead you should become a Web Developer or learn Webb Development because the demand for web development skills is much higher than the demand for Windows Development skills.

  2. What Do You Study To Become A Web Developer?

    Web Developer skills are indemand and Desktop Developer skills are not in demand. If you want to learn web development, consider learning the following programming languages and platforms:

    • ASP.NET Web Programming

    • HTML / XHTML Web Design / Programming

    • CSS Web Design / Web Development

    • Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET) Programming Language

    • Csharp (C#) Programming Language

    • .NET Framework & Visual Studio

  3. Sql Server Database Design & Development

Should the person learn ASP.NET MVC or ASP.NET Web forms?
Start with learning ASP.NET Forms before you go on to learning ASP.NET MVC.\n\nI believe in the working with the natural order of things. In their natural order, ASP.NET Forms was introduced into the market before ASP.NET MVC.
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how to choose a language for window development

\n\nI am a 2nd year btech. student and i want to become a window developer and my 2nd year training is about to come.\n\nplease tell me what i should I choose as my career? I am also interested in robotics.