What Software Developer Languages Should I Learn?

What Software Developer Languages Should I Learn?

VB.NET or C#, SQL and ASP.NET.

You should choose based on which is more comfortable as far as VB.NET or C#.

The capabilities and job opportunities between VB.NET and C# are about the same.

There is still a slight stigma attached to VB.NET from years ago that makes certain people think it is “not a real (object oriented) language”.

Visual Basic .NET (VB .NET0 is a real language and can do everything that CSharp I(C#) can.

The reason for the stigma associated with VB.NET is that years ago it was a lot less of areal (object oriented) language and was missing many features that the other object oriented languages had.

What About Other Software Development Languages

Java: You may have a little more trouble finding a job for an entry level Java programmer. For some reason the job requirements often say 3 years of experience or more when they mean a programmer who barely knows what they are doing. This is typical of many programming positions, the exaggeration of the requirements just seems bigger to me in Java offerings.

PHP / MySQL: PHP is in high-demand in the open-source market. PHP jobs tend to pay less than C#/VB.NET jobs esprcially in contract programming positions

C /C++: You need a lot of experience, formal education and training for C++ jobs. C++ skills are not in-demand in the business application development industry, but are in-demand in other industries like aerospace, defence, security. You may want to read this article Is C/C++ Good For Your Software Developer Career?

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