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Which Is A Better Career Move, MS Business Intelligence or Sharepoint?
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I am a .NET professional with 3 years of experience in C#, VB.NET, Asp.NET and SQL Server 2008 database.
Right now I would like to move my career to either Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI) or Sharepoint but I don\'t know which will be a better career move for me.
Please help.


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Here is some information you may use for choosing between Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI) and Microsoft Office SharePoint (MOSS)

Do You Have The Foundational Skills?

You need to have the right, foundational skills to consider either becoming a Microsoft BI or SharePoint Developer.
In your situation, the 3 years of ASP.NET, C# & SQL Server Development experience provides you with the right background or foundational skills required for a Business Intelligence or SharePoint Development career.

Do You Have Any Personal Preferences?

Do some reading about both industries / careers and based on that mark the career that appeals to you more.
Everyone has a personality and everyone has likes, dislikes. personal preferences, etc. Use this in deciding between the two careers.

What Is The Market Demand?

Compare the market demand for Business Intelligence Software Developers to the market demand for SharePoint Software Developers.
To get the market demand for either career, go to or and count the number of jobs for both careers over the period of a month.
If their is a marked difference between the market demand for both careers, you may consider choosing the career that is more in-demand.

What Is The Time To Market?

You have to factor in how long it will take you to study for each career and get a job. Does it require specialized software setup & installation? Are their lots of new concepts to study, learn or master? Are the concepts intuitive or easy to master or difficult or are their lots of technical literature on the concepts?
Some careers take a while to learn or master and some do not. Mark the career (Microsoft Business Intelligence or Microsoft SharePoint), which has a shorter learning curve.

What Does A Day At Work Look Like?

Spend at least a day shadowing a professional in each career you are interested in. It may not be possible to compare careers or choose which one is better until you have spent some time performing the roles, duties and responsibilities of each career.
Look for opportunities to work on small tasks or projects as a Microsoft SharePoint Developer or Microsoft Business Intelligence Developer. The information you gather from actually performing these tasks can prove invaluable in choosing the career.
Currently am having 1+ year experience working on Sharepoint,.Net
I want to learn MSBI tools .Is it useful for me or it helps me in SharePoint.Please suggest me.