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Which Is Better WPF Desktop Or ASP.NET Web Development?
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I have a goal of completing my practical preparation in three months and specializing in web and desktop software graphical user interface programming using ASP.NET Visual C# 2010, and WPF using VC# 2010.

I already have the following Microsoft courses available to me:

  • Collection 6460: Visual Studio 2008: Windows Presentation Foundation

  • Collection 6463: Visual Studio 2008 ASP.NET 3.5

  • Collection 6464: Visual Studio 2008 ADO.NET 3.5

  • ASP.NET Using Visual C# 2010

  • Microsoft AJAX 4 Using Visual C# 2010: Server

  • Silverlight 4 using Visual C# 2010

  • Windows Presentation Foundation using VC# 2010

Besides freelance projects, is there something missing from my preparation, if so, what and why?

Thank you,

Here Is The Answer To Your Question

You are right in thinking that the gap with your skills lies in your practical experience.

As far as software development is concerned, while an Associate Degree / Diploma / College Degree is nice, what employers are really looking for is your hands-on software development experience and your expertise in specific software skills.

If you don\'t have a college degree and you are good at coding, you will get a software development job.

Employers are concerned about your skills in specific software platforms. For example, if you know ASP.NET and C# very well and you\'re perhaps weak in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) or ADO.NET, you will still get a job because web development skills are in high-demand compared to other areas of computer programming.

I think that the mistake you are making is that you focus is still too wide. You are approaching the Software development job market like you are in college.

In your mind, you would like to learn every facet of .NET Software Development because you think that lack of competence in any area will disqualify you for a programming job.

But is that really true?

Do you have to master ADO.NET, WPF, SILVERLIGHT, SQL SERVER, JQUERY, AJAX, CSS, VS 2008, VS 2010, .NET FRAMEWORK, WCF, ETC. before you can get a software development job?


These skills are gained along the way as you work on client projects. The only thing that matters right now is that you become highly competent at the CORE .NET DEVELOPMENT SKILLS and then pick other skills along the way, depending on the projects facing your employer or client.

Does this make sense?


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Sir I am working on my Doctorate Degree in Computer Science in Enterprise Information Systems and I am looking for a entry level position in software development, what is your advice that will aid me in getting a job please.
Getting an entry level software development position is possible if you can follow these instructions:
#1: Lean Web Development because it is the most marketable software development / computer programming language
#2: Learn how to develop web applications using the programming languages: C#, ASP.NET, .NET Framework and the Database Platform (SQL Server) because it is the language most in-demand by corporate buyers and it is also versatile / portable allowing you to work in several different software development specializations
#3: Do not approach computer programming careers like you would approach the academia because the emphasis is on your handson productivity / experience and not on your educational qualifications, so do not assume that your educational qualifications will be recognized by your team mates ... in most instances, they won\'t :-)
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If I want to learn MVC3, should I learn first?
Yes, you should absolutely Learn ASP.NET First. However you shouldn\'t be worrying about learning MVC if you haven\'t learned ASP.NET!
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What book will you recommend to learn ASP.NET only?
So what kind of C# Website would show a level of skills good enough to get a job?

What Type of ASP.NET Web Project Demonstrates Mastery?

This is how to determine that an ASP.NET / Web Project demonstrates mastery on the part of the software developer.

  1. Demonstrate Login / Signup System / Membership Management Skills

    Does your ASP.NET Project have a robust signup or login system?

    If you use the ASP.NET Membership system as a based for your login system, you will be able to demonstrate that you can follow best practices

  2. Demonstrate JQuery / JavaScript / Ajax Framework Skills

    You will need to demonstrate some mastery of a JavaScript framework like JQuery or Ajax.

    ASP.NET ships with an Ajax framework which is also known as ASP.NET Ajax. This framework also comes with a number of Ajax controls.

    All you have to do is incproporate these controls in your web development project and be able to discuss the benefit of using these controls at your job interviews!

  3. Demonstrate Database Integration Skills

    ASP.NET Software Developers have to demonstrate their ability to design and develop databases.

    You can start by adding a normalized set of tables to the database you are using.

    You will want to choose a web development project that has sufficient database complexity to demonsrate your mastery. So, adding 2 or 3 tables won\'t just cut it!

  4. Demonstrate C# Skills

    Finally, you must write a fair amount of C# code. At the minimum, you will want to spend 3 months writing C# code.

    You code must make good use of Object Oriented Programming and it may or may not incorporate webs services!

I hope this helps. Follow these guidelines for creating your C# Web Development Project

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I have completed training in C#, SQL & ASP.NET what would be the best job wherein i could combine all these skills and implement it ... i wanted to know the kind of job i can get and also the designation.
As a developer, I studied data structures,algorithms etc but in the professional side where is the use of this, in web & windows application programming where they drag & drop and write codes ...
I dodn\'t see yet that how one implements stacks, queues ,BST etc in any development.
C++ or C# developer? I am currently working as a system engineer for a low latency trading system company. I bought books to learns to program in C# but since I am in a company that build applications in C++ for Linux servers, I do not know if I should put apart the C# books and go for C++. But, since C++ have being on the market for years and C# is new and seems to have a good future with .Net so I do not know. What is your advise?
I am doing my job as a software developer in an organization in .NET Platform, ASP.NET C# with Visual Studio 2008 since 2yrs. Now where ever I see there is no job for .NET developer as it is not open source. That is why I am feeling very insecurity for future.
You are feeling insecure because you are not yet highly skilled at Microsoft .NET Development (C#, ASP.NET, SQL SERVER).
The Job Market for .NET Developers keeps getting better and better partly because this year. Computer Programmers will be the #1, in-demand job.
So, if you change from .NET Development to something else, you will still experience that feeling of insecurity because you still won\'t have addressed the root-cause of your feelings!
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I completed my .Net Course in June 2015 including, C#, SqlServer, I have also practice these topics very well.
My Education is in B.Sc.(computer Science) completed in 2010. However, due to gaps in my resume, a company rejected my resume.
One company give me an offer to interview and I excelled at the interview but due to my gaps they also rejected me.
So, what can I do to get a job in a good company? Can I perhaps work on an open source project and then show it to companies for the purpose of proving myself?