Which One Is Better, C# Or VB.NET?

I have good knowledge of VB 6.0 and SQL Server. Kindly let me know whether learning of VB.net will be enough for me to grow in IT field.

Also, currently I am not working IT so kindly let me know how can change to my favourite field.

Thanking you in advance.

Also, which let me know the additonal relevant skills which will be beneficial to me.

Which One Is Better, C# Or VB.NET?


Learning Visual Basic .NET is not enough for growth in the IT field because many employers are asking for C# as an alternative to Visual Basic .NET.

In some software development shops, Visual Basic .NET is considered to be inferior in capabilities or to be a second class language when compared to C# … even though Microsoft repeatedly states that it is not.

Here are some of the reasons why Visual Basic .NET is considered inferior to C# in some software development shops.

1.) Visual Basic .NET has its roots in classic Visual Basic (Visual Basic 6 and older editions). Before .NET Framework was introduced, software developers with VB6 programming language skills were looked down by Java, C/C++ computer programmers because of the lack of Modern Object Oriented Programming support.

2.) Now Visual Basic .NET has replaced Visual Basic 6, but some computer programmers still view Visual Basic .NET as inferior to C#, Java, C/C++ even though Visual Basic .NET supports a comprehensive range of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) features just like C#. They are functionally equivalent but because Visual Basic .NET’S is associated with VB6 it is viewed in the same light.

3.) On the other hand, C# was designed from the ground up and introduced for the first time when the .NET Framework was launched. Now, C# is modeled after Java, C/C++. So, C# does not have inherit any negative history by association. It actually earns the respects of Java, C/C++ and Visual Basic software developers because it’s similar to them and it incorporates some of their best features.

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One Response to "Which One Is Better, C# Or VB.NET?"

  1. Surge   December 14, 2010 at 2:12 PM

    Learning C# should not be too hard after learning VB.NET I should think. And I don’t think I would stop there, the other .nets would be just a hop and a jump. I think, if you are going to learn, learn all you can so that you have enough knowledge that you know which will help you most with a client request. Good post!


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