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Why Java Is Not For Beginning Programmers
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This question on the suitability of Java for beginning computer programmers was posted by Carolina Bell (San Jose, Costa Rica). It is also "Part 1" of the series: "How To Become A Productive Computer Programmer".

What Is The Toughest Challenge Facing Your Career?

Carolina\'s questions is: I believe my toughest challenge right now is getting started with the programming languages. I know i can do it but i am kinda confused as to where to start, and with what language i should start.

After reading different articles and points of view from different people i decided to go ahead and start with Java, and so i looked up a java for beginners article and right at the beginning with the "Hello World" project i got incredibly confused with all the "#"- symbols.

I mean if the article said they would explain every single symbol a little later and just right down the string, then i wouldn\'t be so stressed out, but when i see all of those symbols. its just plain stressful.

Any tips would definitely help!! And also any words of encouragement.. :S

Answers for the "Toughest Challenge Facing Your Career"The Answer ... "How To Become A Productive Programmer - Part 1"

  • First Things First: Start With The Right Programming Language For Your Situation:

    One of the keys to "becoming a successful computer programmer" is to learn the right programming language for your context, situation, background or goals.

    I say this because the programming language you choose will either hinder or help your ability to code effectively.

    Why? Each programming language has tasks it is well-suited for, as well as tasks that are difficult—perhaps impossible—to do or accomplish with the language.

    So, understand the capabilities of each programming language: Java, PHP, CSharp, Visual Basic, Python, Perl, C/C++ etc. and make sure that the language is compatible with your context / situation.

  • What Type of Programming Is Java Best Suited For?

    In 1991 James Gosling / Sun Microsystems invented and designed Java as a platform independent programming language with the goal that a program written in Java would run on many other operating systems without having to rewrite them each time.

    Java as a programming language requires a formal, methodical approach to writing even simple code. This means Java as a programming language is very particular about the way programs must be written, and it balks if programmers do not follow all of its rules which makes it more tedious for beginner programmers to learn.

    The Goal of Java: Java is not designed for beginners or written with beginners in mind as it\'s goal is to make it productive for people to write programs that run on multiple operating systems with just one source code

    So, Java often used in mobile phones, smart phones, handheld or portable device software development. However, Java is not the best programming language for the typical web development or business / corporate development which is the bread and butter of most Information Technology (IT) projects.

  • Understand The Type of Programmer Do You Want To Be

    Programming languages like PHP, Visual Basic and CSharp (C#) are more suited for the world of web software development than Java.

    The BASIC programming language invented in the 1960\'s was designed from scratch to be easy for students and beginners to learn or use ... the B in BASIC stands for Beginner\'s. That is different from Java\'s Goal for example which

    Microsoft Visual Basic which was invented / designed by Microsoft combines the ease of BASIC with some powerful features to aid in the design of Windows software.

    Here are some facts about Visual Basic which is better suited for beginner programmers than say: Java

    • VBScript Programming Language:; which is short for Visual Basic Script is a subset of the Microsoft Visual Basic programming language that offers the simplicity of BASIC for scripting or coding the HTML on World Wide Web pages. It is offered as an alternative to JavaScript ... a widely successful language for programming web pages.

    • Visual Basic: has been used to write thousands of sophisticated programs for commercial, business, and personal use.

    • Visual Basic.NET (VB.NET): is the latest version of the Visual Basic family of language. It combines the ease, simplicity and rapid application development features of Visual Basic with the Microsoft .NET\'s Object Oriented Programming features which adds a sophisticated programming library.

    VB.NET also offers you the ease and simplicity of the Visual Basic programming language along with the more formal, object oriented features found in C/C++ and Java but without the pains associated with Java and C/C++ programming.

  • Discover The Best Programming Language for Beginner Programmers

    C# (Csharp) which was introduced along with VB.NET as the core Microsoft.NET programming languages goes even goes further. It offers you a language structure or style that incorporates the best features of both C/C++ and Java eliminating the need for most programmers (beginners or experienced) to learn either Java or C/C++.

    CSharp is also designed with an amazing feature ... the Rapid Application (RAD) Programming language features that are typically associated with Microsoft\'s Visual Basic.

In summary you have an alternative to Java, which as you have discovered is tedious, strict, unfriendly. That alternative is Microsoft\'s CSharp which incorporates the best features of Java + C/C++ + Visual Basic.

This is "Part 1" of the series: "How To Become A Productive Computer Programmer". In "Part 2", I will discuss more of the concepts, issues and related information referenced in this article ... Have A Happy, Productive Coding Career :-)


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Where do I go from here?

After spending the last 20 years as a Mainframe contractor(developer), with most of the contracts being found without the benefit of agencies, I find myself no longer in demand due to a vastly shrinking market.
I have half hearted attempts over the years to diversify my skills but until recently I always felt it was good to focus on my core competencies.
Now with the emergence of really interesting technologies like Java EE and .Net, I feel it\'s time to make a move towards something new but I\'m having trouble focusing on a plan of attack.
I was leaning towards being an expert in the area of integration like web services but feel overwhelmed by the choices.
Needless to say I have spent a lot of time reading and also experimenting with Java EE and c# .net but find my progress is too slow.
I have been out of work for the last 6 weeks or so but when I do start working again, I will no longer have the luxury to spend several hours a day doing this. How do I establish my end goal and find the time to achieve it

Java or CSharp (#), Which Is Better?

Andrew it is time for you to stop experimenting or analyzing your options and take massive action.
Start by picking a programming language that is in-demand, pays very well and is not too hard to learn.
It is important that you pick a language that is not relatively easy to master because if the language is too difficult, or the learning curve is too high, you will find yourself still unable to do a competent job when you are hired ... say, after 1 year of intense effort, hard work and learning.
Microsoft CSharp (C#) was designed with the best language features of C/C++, Java and Visual Basic. Visual Basic was widely popular because it was an easier, less intimidating language than C/C++ or Java and because it had a lower learning curve.
Now, CSharp (C#) compensates for the shortcomings of Visual Basic which was a lack of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Languages.
My recommendation is that you study to become an ASP.NET Web Developer with C# as your primary development language and SQL Server as the back-end database software platform.
So, you will infact be learning these software platforms at the same time;
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Seriously ?
I\'am myself a java dev. And first there is no # everywhere in java. Well not at all I think. I would like to see this hello world program.
Then I can\'t understand why somebody should not learn java but C#... Hey they are the same language more or less, have the same philosophy and all.
More, I seen this text:
\"However, Java is not the best programming language for the typical web development or business / corporate development which is the bread and butter of most Information Technology (IT) projects.\"
Come on ! Java is the most used language in the world today, and in particular by big corporation to make website & IT programs. If this is what you plan to do, work for big corporation making IT program, java is likely the most suited language for that.
But is it the best language to get you started in no time? Or the best language to understand the underlying computer science concepts? Of course not.
Would you like to understand what programming really is, what are the concept behind, one of the best language to learn would be scheme. It help to have a math background behind you, but really, this is the most expressive language we have out here (lisp family) and scheme is the variant for teaching. Read the MIT book used at introduction for programming at MIT ( and you\'ll know more about programming than many people that have been hacking Java or C# for 10 years.
But you\'ll likely be unemployed. Because, no scheme won\'t give you a job. It is for research and learning. So after you\'ll want to learn something else obviously. And if you want to be a prof. developper, many more things. Like computer science theory, databases, IA, networks...
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