Why The C/C++ Computer Programmer Career Is Over?

We don’t recommend C/C++ computer programmer careers for the following reasons:

  1. Learning Curve – it has a steeper learning curve than other popular, commercial programming languages like Java, C#, Visual Basic .NET or PHP

  2. Time to Market – It is not suitable for business application development because it takes more time to build a web application (an e-commerce web application for example) in C/C++ than in PHP or C# or Visual Basic .NET

  3. Support Costs – It is easier to maintain Visual Basic .NET or C# or PHP Applications than it is to maintain C/C++ Applications because it has a steeper learning curve and because it takes longer to build C/C++ Applications.

  4. Market Demand – The demand is right now for business application development (web sites, desktop software, web applications) and C/C++ programmers are not usually hired for such projects.

  5. Compensation – A C/C++ programmer still has to specialize in a market like systems programming or device programming or game programming to earn a living. They can’t just freelance any of the well known programming markets or through the regular recruiters because there is little demand for their skills. So, they tend to be compensated poorly or even find it hard to get jobs!

This is just a summary of some of the issues that they are facing … we coach or consult with a whole suite of programmers and we can see the issues that they are facing with their software development careers from 30,000 feet … I suggest that you read the rest of my article to get the full gist of my points.

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